Borland’s tools team will be in control of its own fate; Investors Lined Up

So little information then, POW, we get this: “Though Borland hasn’t officially announced the pending divestiture, a company executive confirmed the plan Tuesday. “All of the investors that are interested are private equity companies,” said David Intersimone, vice president of developer relations at Cupertino, Calif.-based Borland.”

It goes on to say: “The plan means that Borland’s tools team will be in control of its own fate, rather than face the uncertainty an acquisition by a larger hardware or software vendor would have brought.”

Means that ther will not be a Google, Microsoft or any other monopoly takeover of our favorite product. This is good news, right?

Transition from Delphi to Mobile App Languages

After so many years with traditional Delphi, I’m making a transition to iphone app development. Personally it has been a huge learning curve for me, and I still have a lot to learn.

With the rapidly growing world of Android and Objective-C programming, if you want to stay current as a developer, learning mobile is the way to go forward. Objective-C has a huge learning curve. But with the introduction of the Swift programming language, it will be much easier to someone new to jump in and learn the basics fast.

On the Android side, everything is done with Java’s Android SDK. It’s much easier to code for Android apps (at least in my short experience), but there are so many devices and screen-sizes that you need to test your apps in. But in contrast, with Apple, there are only a handful of devices that you need to deploy the apps for.

Since the learning curve is steep, the cost of app development is not cheap. Most top developers are getting paid well, and therefore the app development projects are priced accordingly. You might be able to get your app developed for a cheap cost or even for free by hiring an University student, but if you need a high quality outcome, you should definitely go for an experienced developer. After you have developed the app, consider contacting an app marketing agency to ensure you get the app to the right users.